Meet Us

Exquisite weddings are what we do...

In a world full of Pinterest and other platforms of inspiration, it can be difficult for anyone to style their event uniquely.  However with a belief that your big day need not mimic, or worse, be a carbon copy of anyone else's, our team of professionals will guide you through a world of unexampled possibilities.  The strategy involves considering ALL aspects that contribute to your wedding's aesthetic: lighting, table linen, place settings, event furniture, and of course ethereal florals.   In this way the end result, as you first step into your ceremony/reception space, will always be one in which you are Amazed.  Astounded.  Moved.

As our Creative Director explains:

"Magnificent events are our passion. We aim to inspire a discerning clientele, to think outside of the box, and to share all the options that will make your wedding truly unforgettable.  With years of experience (in designing gorgeous events) behind us, our team is here to be on yours."

Our design staff will exceed expetations regardless of your personal taste.  Vintage Chic?  No problem.  Traditional Elegance?  Yes please!  Luxe and Over-the-Top?  Now you know we've got you covered there. 

The conclusion?  Our skill set is as diverse as our team and that is what sets O Luxe apart from the rest.  Contact us today and allow us bring your vision to life.